Are you looking for an all-in-one video solution? Then nexxSTART is the right product for you.


Why use YouTube or Vimeo, when there is a video distribution solution on the market that offers greater flexibility and more freedom when it comes to marketing possibilities? offers nexxSTART, which is a compact, cloud-based online video solution.

The solution: nexxSTART

The Software-as-a-Service Product not only allows you to manage online videos, but also provides a detailed user analysis of the content. For monetizing the content, you can either use a marketer of your choice or use a partner that is already integrated.

Consequently, the all-in-one solution covers the entire video workflow, which includes everything from uploading the videos and entering the metadata, to distribution (including playing ads). Due to the package prices and the cloud-based scalability of the solution, it can be re-financed for businesses of any size.

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