You are looking for the simplest automated processes with which your video content can be managed, played, shared on social media, and analyzed? Then nexxOMNIA will make your daily routine much easier.

Content Management & User Analysis

The significant increase in video consumption in the last few years means that businesses manage a continuously growing amount of video content, which has to be transcoded to the required formats.
Beyond this, the content must be be prepared and organized into structures according to the intended use. In order to develop a profound understanding of user behavior in a fragmented media landscape, extensive statistics and analyses for each device and every platform are necessary.

The solution: nexxOMNIA

nexxOMNIA is our cloud-based content management system. It offers a highly scalable and secure video-hosting solution that can be immediately implemented for efficient video-management and detailed user-analyses. You can manage and control every aspect of the video-workflow via one interface.

In order to manage video content on digital platforms (mobile, desktop-PC and TV), created nexxOMNIA, the cloud-based multi-device-CMS. A standard interface allows you to manage and control every aspect of the video-workflow – from uploading and transcoding a video, to adding metadata, and managing digital rights. This way, you can play videos and content on any device optimally and securely. Combined with a powerful reporting system, which offers everything from network analyses to viewing individual videos and leaves nothing to be desired, nexxOMNIA is the only tool you will need for all of your platforms in the future.

A highly scalable and secure video-hosting solution with immediately applicable features for time-efficient video-management.


Customers that work with nexxOMNIA include, amongst others, Bunte and The Simple Club.

“Our approach is unique within the industry – from the archive and video on demand, we have created archive on demand. With Azure, Interlake, and, we can bring 100 years of UFA to the audience, in a way which is modern and economically viable.”
Ernst Feiler
(Director Technology, UFA GmbH)