As journalists, you always have to be where the action is. Finding a suitable video to go with an article often involves a lot of effort. In this case, nexxGO is the right partner for you:

Agile video workflow

Journalists always keep their finger on the pulse of the times. Since practically every reporter now owns a smartphone, mobile news coverage has taken on completely new dimensions. However, it is a long and complicated process for a journalist to make a video available on the various channels of a news-site.’s nexxGO app offers a simple fix for this problem.

The solution:nexxGO

It is exactly for these scenarios, that NATIVE STUDIOS and have developed the mobile journalism app nexxGO powered by NATIVE STUDIOS. The video can be loaded directly into the video CMS nexxOMNIA via the mobile app. This way, you can quickly and easily share short videos on your own site, app, and social media channels. In addition, nexxGO makes it possible to automatically create subtitles. In addition, several editing functions such as Bumper Videos and embedded logos allow professional video-workflow, while you are “on-the-go”.


The application is available to customers in both Android and iOS versions.