You are looking for a quick and simple frontend solution for multi-device video-distribution? Then nexxCANVAS is the right product for you.


Most devices in the multi-screen ecosystem have individual, proprietary technical standards, as well as varying screen sizes and their own navigational logic. This is why – under constant consideration of the intended use – different functions and layouts of a frontend have to be supported on various devices. Since time and money are precious commodities in the fast-paced digital media industry, the development of frontends should be carried out as quickly and simply as possible.

The solution: nexxCANVAS

The multiscreen-video-on-demand-platform nexxCANVAS is our white-label-solution for the fast implementation of your media center. From essential functions such as categorizing videos, or compiling playlists, to monetization through advertising or paid services (nexxCANVAS can be configured for various business models that are based on advertising (banner, video) or paid services such as TVoD, SVoD, EST.), NexxCANVAS offers everything you need for your online video platform. This includes choosing from a variety of state of-the-art layouts, which are all optimized for displaying video content by automatically adjusting to the individual end-device.


Examples of clients that have built up their platform with nexxCANVAS are include SpiegelTV and BonGusto (Burda-Gruppe).

„We unburden our own technical resources, which allows us to focus even more on what really counts: the quality of our content.”
Sven Christian
(Video Content Manager, SPIEGEL ONLINE)