Our Mission

Every day, people around the world consume millions of hours’ worth of video content: on their smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops, or other devices. The rapid growth of the multi-screen video ecosystem leads to a rising demand for professional video solutions that allow businesses to offer their clients the best video experience possible. Here at nexx.tv, we have made it our mission to reduce the technical obstacles for online video use. By implementing the most modern technology, we make efficient multi-screen video management and successful video distribution possible.

nexx.tv is the technology provider for the digital media industry

nexx.tv offers an intelligent, comprehensive cloud-based online-video platform (OVP) for content management, video distribution, analytics, and multi-screen frontend distribution.

nexx.tv covers is the only provider on the market that covers the entire process-chain of online-video workflow. From uploading to organizing content with the help of machine learning, to distribution and monetization – everything can be centrally controlled via nexx.tv’s cloud-based software-as-a-service products or via API – live and on demand.

Optimize your video business with us – technologically and commercially.